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Monday, August 24, 2009

Crucible Part 2

Been some days now and not doing too badly. The E Cigarette is OK, and i've had a few cigars. Still haven't had a smoke. Dropped about 9 lbs already, and my bench press is up 15 pounds, and i'm curling 70+ again. Feeling pretty good. My diet is going good except on Sundays/ Weekends. Otherwise I'm doing alright. I need to take in less noodles and less sodium. If I keep up the noodles I'm going to end up like the dead sea, just not floating.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yeah it's been over three years and I still think about him daily. I hate him not being here. I hate that he doesn't get to see his grandkids. I hate that he's made my mom into a nervous self doubting wreck. I hate that he's made my mom be so strong. I hate that he's made my wife so angry about his passing. I hate that's he's not here with me to enjoy life.